Frequently Asked Questions

Agency Vs. Online Booking

By booking with an agency we provide you with knowledge and feedback from the many years of experience in our field. In addition, no matter what your needs are, we offer personalized service and support should anything happen while you are away. Pricing is globalized for worldwide destinations and within our province of Ontario, all the tour operator prices are the same whether online or at an agency. We are bonded and insured through TICO (Travel Industry council of Ontario) so our clients insured should anything happen with the airlines. Payment options are also more flexible than online bookings.

Last Minute Escapes

Whatever is on a last minute selloff price is available to everyone including agencies at equal prices. Sometimes, we even have last minute offers that are not available online through our suppliers directly as a special offer.

Payment Options

There are more flexible payment options when booking with an agency like Downsview Travel Agency vs. online. Bookings outside of 45 days or 60 days, depending on the airline company, only require a deposit per person to make booking the trip far in advance much easier. Full payments are due 45 or 60 days prior and even if delayed by a day or two, no one will cancel your reservation.

Another feature of booking with an agency is that we can actually book for you with no payment and hold on to reservations with no obligation. This is beneficial because you get the best fare, and have time to decide and make necessary arrangements while it is held. Depending on airlines, we can hold a reservation from same day up to 24 hours or even for one full week.

Travel Insurance Options

We offer any kind of travel insurance required for your travel needs. We sell trip cancellation, interruption, medical, baggage, 24 hour accident, air flight accident, etc. for individual trips and we also have yearly coverage for frequent travellers. We also have VISITOR TO CANADA insurance for our clients that have family coming in from overseas. We are licensed representatives and have a number of different products we offer from reputable insurance companies like RBC Insurance, Blue Cross, TIC Insurance, Travel Guard and 21st Century Insurance.

Lost Luggage

As a general rule and practice any of the airlines will cover any lost luggage and contents, so even with insurance, you have to declare your luggage lost with the airline and declare what is retrieved. Any loss or delay of luggage has to be reported BEFORE leaving the airport, whether at your destination or at the airport when you return. Without a BAGGAGE IRREGULARITY REPORT it is very difficult to prove your losses.

I have insurance on my credit card already

Most credit card companies have some kind of coverage, however, please check in detail what they are. Obviously the insurance we offer is geared towards the travel business and cover over and above what the credit card insurance offers. For example, there is a cap on the trip cancellation as well as LIMITED number of days of coverage, depending on the type of credit card. Special rules for pensioners also apply.

If credit card insurance covers up to 31 days, and you get sick on the 31st day, there will be a problem as we’ve experienced this unfortunate circumstance in the past. Our medical insurance covers past the return date should there be a sickness or accident on the last day of coverage AND they will cover all expenses UNTIL passenger is cleared and deemed able to travel on all commercial airlines.

I don’t think I need medical because I am healthy

Medical insurance extends the coverage you have as a Canadian citizen so that in case anything should happen while abroad you are covered. Unforeseen medical circumstances can happen anytime and anywhere, so it’s important that you are insured so that should anything happen to you while you are away, you can get proper treatment and care while outside your country of residence. We always recommend medical insurance coverage based on our experience but will not pressure you to purchase at all as it is not mandatory and offered only as an option to travellers.

What travel documents do I require?

Although documentation is the passenger’s responsibility, we ALWAYS make sure that our clients documents are valid and have required passports, travel visas, letters, etc. prior to booking. We also offer the service of applying for any travel documentation on their behalf if they require it.

As members of IATA and TICO Downsview Travel Agency operates in accordance with their set rules and regulations. Downsview Travel Agency is also partnered with insurance and travel savings companies as seen above to be able to offer travelers a full and affordable travel package to any destination.