Downsview Travel Agency Ltd.

When it comes to planning your dream getaway, your family vacation, or once in a lifetime odyssey to an exotic place, you'll want someone who understands your needs, budget, and treats you like family. That's why Downsview Travel is your best choice for your next voyage abroad.

For over 40 years, Downsview Travel's boutique agency has operated in Toronto. Husband and wife team Nicola and Lina have spent a lifetime building their small family enterprise into a thriving business that prides itself on highly personalized customer service, a high degree of care for their clients, and years of experience in the industry.

These days, many Toronto travellers book their trips online when searching for great deals. What they don't know is that Downsview Travel can compete with just about every price available from the big online providers. Choose Downsview Travel, and you'll have the added benefit of knowing that Nicola and Lina are there to answer every question and support you every step of the way, from departure to return.

Lina followed her ambition and her heart and joined a local firm working full time as a travel agent in 1974. Later, when another location of the same firm she was working at was put up for sale in 1991, she decided to buy it, and began working for herself as a full time agent and owner at Downsview Travel Agency.

Nicola and Lina were already married for a few years when she owned Downsview Travel Agency. Nicola had also created a thriving career for himself in the industry, but he worked as an agent for another company. Later, in 2002 he left that position to join forces with his wife Lina and they’ve been working as partners at Downsview Travel Agency Ltd ever since.

As members of IATA and TICO Downsview Travel Agency operates in accordance with their set rules and regulations. Downsview Travel Agency is also partnered with insurance and travel savings companies as seen above to be able to offer travelers a full and affordable travel package to any destination.